Helpful accessories for caring for your valuable vinyl collection

Whether it is static build-up on LPs and digital discs, dust and dirt in record grooves or on CDs, DVDs and BluRays, or the proper storage of your analogue vinyl records, the small but fine range from UK accessories specialist MILTY includes some extremely useful and helpful care products.

MILTY is best known for its Zerostat 3 « gun » for reducing static. Without the need for a spray, the Zerostat 3 improves the sound quality of records and CDs. A unique piezo crystal device creates a positive electrical charge of ions with a gentle press of the trigger – and a negative charge with a negative press of the trigger, eliminating static on discs.

The MILTY Record Cleaner and Record Brush are two products for removing dust and dirt from vinyl records, while the Duopad is also suitable for cleaning digital discs. The MILTY Permaclean cleaning kit, which includes the Duopad and a special cleaning fluid, is the best way to tackle stubborn dirt.

And for those who want to keep their black discs safe and secure, the anti-static MILTY LP inner sleeves are a recommended remedy.

IDC Klaassen is responsible for the distribution of MILTY in Germany and Austria.

And for those who want to store their black discs particularly gently and safely, the antistatic MILTY LP inner sleeves are a recommendable remedy.

IDC Klaassen is responsible for MILTY distribution in Germany and Austria.

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Milty Zerostat 3 - the slightly different record care system
Whether you want to remove dust from your records or store and maintain your vinyl collection in a static-free environment, you'll find that we have a proven product that works.
The Zerostat 3 is designed to reduce the positive and negative electrical charges on records and discs.
The record brush removes unwanted dust, dirt and small particles from your records. It also reduces static.
These anti-static record sleeves protect your LPs. They reduce the positive charge and keep dust away.