02. September 2020

CANOR CD 2.10 excellent review in Stereo magazine

In the trade magazine STEREO, issue 10/2020, you can find a test of the CD player Canor CD 2.10. Once again, the editorial staff was absolutely thrilled by the sound of the Slovakian high-end forge…

„The thing with the – again – unmistakable design, high-quality, stable and almost symmetrical with a large yellow display sounds absolutely stunning, stirring and emotional.

If you’re looking for components in a class around 3,000 euros, you should definitely listen to this player, the integrated amplifier or even the team as a ‚dream team‘. And if your budget is a little tighter, try the smaller model 1.10. You will not regret it. But you might regret not having done it at some point. That would be a pity.

Made in Europe, well made, top sound. From now on, I wouldn’t want to miss these extremely harmonious and superbly entertaining devices, but rather have them permanently here in my working environment: Work tool of the editorial staff. And congratulations to the sales department IDC Klaassen, this is – just like the integrated amplifier – a great, recommendable product!


Powerful, rhythmically driving and almost ‚analogue‘ playing tube CD player with built-in High Res DAC. Very convincing performance and a real highlight. Maybe THE sound/price tip for the ‚last‘ CD player?

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