24. März 2023

Canor Hyperion P1 and Virtus M1: „simply exemplary“ in Fidelity review (English language)

Issue 64 of the high end magazine Fidelity, published in October 2022, features a fantastic review of the Canor Hyperion P1 and Virtus M1 reference amplifiers:

„Power on: Click, click – wait about 20 seconds and then the amplifiers switch on. At first I hear nothing and increase the volume – again nothing, no noise (which would actually be typical for tube amplifiers). Very good!

The music selection always starts with a female voice. In this case by Katie Melua. […] The sounds are presented to me naturally, spacious, very clean in the presentation of the individual instruments. […] Completely unimpressed by the required power, this Slovakian amplifier trio presents me with a full 100 decibels of sound pressure in my room.

The next listening day begins with classical music. […] The enormously large sound space of the church is impeccably transferred into my room, and at the latest when the mezzo-soprano Guillemette Laurens enters with her unbelievably nuanced voice, a goose-pimple experience is ensured in the listening room – first class! Especially the noise-free reproduction capability in the musical interstices is a special feature of this amplifier trio from Canor Audio – what a statement…

Conclusion: With the Hyperion P1 tube preamplifier and the Virtus M1 tube mono, Canor makes its statement in terms of reference equipment: The workmanship and sound of the heavyweights are simply exemplary.

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