Loudspeakers from British audio specialists Q Acoustics that offer excellent value for money.

British loudspeaker manufacturer Q Acoustics was founded in 2006. Since then, Q Acoustics loudspeakers have won numerous awards worldwide for their outstanding sound quality and excellent value for money. Exceptional innovations such as the low-vibration Gelcore enclosures, the uniquely elegant stands or the wireless Q Active models have all contributed to the company’s reputation.

Although Q Acoustics does not have a long tradition in loudspeaker manufacturing, the company has enormous expertise. In order to produce the best loudspeakers, they have employed the world’s most renowned loudspeaker designers and supported their work with the latest research and development technologies.

The international trade press writes enthusiastically: “Q Acoustics has real firecrackers in its portfolio with the Concept model series. They have easily earned the title ‘sound tip'” (Heimkino). “The Concept 20 is an extremely pleasing compact loudspeaker in which design effort and know-how provide enormous value in the form of spectacular musicality and precision. 5 stars” (Stereo). The leading UK magazine What Hi-Fi? named the Q Acoustics 3010i and 3050i home theatre sets as Products of the Year 2020.

IDC Klaassen is responsible for Q ACOUSTICS distribution in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

For more information, visit   https://www.qacoustics.co.uk/


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