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The quality of the power supply has a major impact on the sound quality of a hi-fi or home cinema system. This is because, on its way to the mains socket, the electricity is subject to a wide range of interference from radio signals – from mobile phone networks and TV stations, for example – as well as from other devices in the circuit. The measurable and audible result: your audio components sound less good than they could with a clean power supply. As you explore IsoTek’s product portfolio, you’ll see that there are a number of ways to further optimise your audio or home theatre system: Up to 12 ports on our mains filters improve the sound quality of each component. Mains filters specially tuned for power-hungry amplifiers deliver the perfect current.

Innovative sine wave generators tailored to audio source devices and preamplifiers ensure optimal conditions for top sound quality.
Another upgrade that makes a big difference is the replacement of the standard black power cords that usually come with hi-fi components. These are usually of the worst quality, with very thin wires made from impure copper and cheap PVC insulation. The effect on music reproduction is correspondingly high. We recommend replacing these cables with a high quality IsoTek power cable – with the EVO3 Initium this is possible for the equivalent of just a few CDs.

Improving the sound of an audio system with IsoTek is quick and easy. With IsoTek you’ll find the perfect solution for every need and budget!


The power to perform

Nothing works without electricity. Electricity flows through your entire audio system and is used by every device to ultimately create the signals that make your speakers sound and the pixels on your screen light up. What we hear and see is created by and through electricity – it is the raw material from which “art” is made.

But electricity is subject to many disturbances on its way from the power station to the wall socket, which also affect sound and picture quality. And as the demand for energy continues to grow due to the increasing number of electrical devices, the quality of the electricity we use to power our devices will continue to deteriorate.

More than ever, the continuing increase in power disturbances requires the use of IsoTek’s innovative mains filter technologies. They are the only way to eliminate push-pull interference, caused in particular by the switching power supplies built into many devices from PCs to kitchen appliances, and common-mode interference, which is a constant source of interference from wireless home networks, mobile phones and Bluetooth connections.

The quality of the power we use to run our hi-fi and home cinema systems has a significant impact on their performance – and this is where IsoTek comes in. IsoTek’s unique mains filters eliminate much of the interference, allowing your hi-fi system to use its full potential rather than the 80% or so available from the mains.


IDC Klaassen is responsible for the distribution of IsoTek products in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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IsoTek V5 Elektra
Brand new model EV5 Elektra is actually 6 separate filters in one box. Initium C13 1.5 metre connection cable included. Available in silver and black. RRP €1.599,00
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IsoTek V5 Aquarius
Brand new model The EV5 Aquarius is the completely redesigned successor to its thousandfold proven predecessor, the EVO3, with first class improvements in all areas. Again 6 completely separate filters are used. Includes Premier C19 1.5 metre connection cable. Available in silver and black. RRP €2,499.00
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IsoTek V5 Titan
The V5 Titan is the logical evolution of its predecessor, the EVO3. Now with 3 separate high current outputs and an additional link connection. The ideal filter for amplifiers, subwoofers, active loudspeakers, etc. Premier C19 1.5 metre connection cable included. Available in silver and black. RRP €4,799.00
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