Smart accessories for your analogue records

Stable 33.33 is a company based in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. For more than 15 years, mechanical engineer and designer Sylvain Pichette developed and manufactured products for his friends and himself, until he decided to present his creations at the Montreal Audio Fair. The move was a resounding success. The expertise acquired over the years now allows the company to offer vinyl lovers some fantastic accessories that enrich the listening experience.

The designer’s first project was the development of an innovative turntable called the Stable 33.1, which was first featured in Québec Audio & Video magazine in 2005. In 2009, at the Son et Image trade fair in Montreal, Sylvain officially presented his creation to an audiophile audience for the first time, and the enthusiasm exceeded all expectations. Sylvain continued to refine his products, moving from his first 13 kg turntable to a much heavier 44 kg version. This model was presented at the 2018 Montreal Audio Show.

A year later, the new Stable 33.2 analogue turntable made its debut at the same venue. The platter of this turntable, with its twelve stainless steel weights, caught the attention of visitors. With this new creation, Sylvain also presented the main option of his project: a remote-controlled motorised arm lift with start-stop function. A great innovation that captured everyone’s imagination.

But the Canadian company also offers useful accessories for handling analogue records. The Transit Platter, for example, is designed to safely store a record while it is being exchanged or cleaned. Developed with military precision, this cleverly designed product will quickly become indispensable to any vinyl fan.

The Transit Platter is available in two versions, differing in weight and material. Both models are available in a range of wood colours. The base is covered with 5 mm high quality felt to protect the surface and measures 98 mm x 38 mm.

The 190g Platter 7000 is made of Delrin® acetal homopolymer and has a real wood surface. Delrin® acetal homopolymer (polyoxymethylene POM) is the ideal material for parts designed to replace metal. It combines low friction and wear resistance with the high rigidity and strength required for such applications. The Platter 8000 is made of stainless steel and also has a real wood finish; it weighs 994g.

The second highly recommended Stable 33.33 accessory is the Vinyl Hole Reamer. It is used to re-cut the LP centre hole and solves the annoying problem of the centre hole not being cut cleanly or being too small. Despite the tight tolerances given for the centre hole on vinyl (0.286” +0.001” / -0.002”), it is often the case that the hole is smaller than 0.284”. The “Hole Reamer” is manufactured with special precision to give you optimum control when correcting the diameter at the centre of your LP. With this precision tool you can easily correct this small diameter deviation in the centre of your records.

IDC Klaassen will be offering the Stable 33.33 accessory exclusively in Germany and Austria from December 2021.

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Transit Platter SP-7000
Made of Delrin acetal, top side real wood veneer, 4 designs available, weight: 190 g
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Transit Platter SP-8000
Made of stainless steel, top side real wood veneer, 4 versions available, weight: 994 g
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Vinyl Center Hole Reamer
Tool for recutting too narrow centre holes of your records
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The Stable 33.33 Vinyl Centre Hole Reamer Presented by
Transit Patter Collection
Vinyl Center Hole Reamer
Transit Patter
Use of the Vinyl Centre Hole Reamer