Exquisite audio accessories are the domain of the English specialist Blue Horizon

The British company Blue Horizon Ideas Ltd. was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of the IsoTek brand. It is therefore not surprising that the managing director is Keith Martin, who also runs IsoTek. Blue Horizon Ideas Ltd. describes itself as a design and manufacturing company specialising in very special accessory solutions. The company, based in Winchester, has only a comparatively small number of products to offer, but they are dedicated to very difficult tasks, which are primarily designed for particularly ambitious hi-fi enthusiasts.

For example, the Blue Horizon Spike Shoes and Spike Shoes Extreme are particularly sophisticated “coasters” for spikes, i.e. solutions for the optimal decoupling of loudspeaker systems. With Blue Horizon’s Proburn, a “burn-in” for cables, new cables are supposed to achieve their optimal performance faster.

The English address particularly demanding vinyl lovers with Blue Horizon Promat, a mat for record players made of a special material composition, namely Indian rubber with cork and leather.

With the Profono, the Blue Horizon range also includes a small, completely discrete phono preamplifier that is designed for MC Low, MC High and MM cartridge systems.

The Blue Horizon Bamboo Couplers are laminated bamboo blocks with a chaotic material structure that are placed under electronic components. The unique properties reduce disturbing resonances and thus optimise the sound quality.

With Clean-IT, Blue Horizon offers a professional cleaning fluid for electrical contacts. In high-end audio, it is of utmost importance to transmit the signals in the best possible way, also via the electrical connections between the devices. Clean-IT removes oxidation and dirt from the contact points and thus ensures optimal transmission.

IDC Klaassen is responsible for BLUE HORIZON distribution in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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These spike shoes are made of a machined stainless steel body and are designed to fit perfectly under the spikes of floor standing speakers, speaker stands. https://www.bluehorizonideas.com/products/spike-shoe-mkii/
The new Spike Shoe Extreme from Blue Horizon is the ultimate system for eliminating resonance energy. https://www.bluehorizonideas.com/products/spike-shoe-extreme
A cable burned in with the Blue Horizon Proburn sounds more open, spacious and three-dimensional from the start https://www.bluehorizonideas.com/products/proburn/
The Spike Shoes Extreme from Blue Horizon are the ultimate tool for eliminating resonance energy. https://www.bluehorizonideas.com/products/spike-shoe-extreme
With the help of the Blue Horizon RIAA filter, phono preamplifiers can be comfortably burned in with noise played back via CD player https://www.bluehorizonideas.com/products/riaa-filter/
The Profono is a discrete, high-quality analogue MM/MC phono preamplifier for amplifiers without a dedicated phono input. https://www.bluehorizonideas.com/products/profono/

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