04. August 2020

CANOR AI 2.10 excellent review in Stereo magazine

In its September 2020 issue, the specialist magazine STEREO tested the integrated amplifier Canor AI 2.10: „Without a doubt, Canor is a fine-sounding amplifier with high resolution and accuracy, plays multi-faceted, light-footed and with excellent spatial depth gradation as well as remarkably controlled bass, which in all its glory lacked at most a little bit of blackness. Anyway, his musical performance was one thing above all: lively. This amp shows a fantastic flow, a dynamic temperament and yes, emotion, that listening to him is a real pleasure.


It should not be forgotten that we are not dealing with a €10,000, but with a €3,500 device. This can easily happen when listening to music, because the joy of playing and the tone colours are superb.


Canor is extraordinary – but apparently absorbent! More of it!

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Highly musical integrated amplifier with a superb tube preamplifier and a powerful Class D power amplifier under one roof. Extraordinary design, choice of materials and excellent workmanship in European handcraft match the high sound quality“.

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